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Widely serve the liquidity needs of different types of institutions in the financial markets
All transactions will be integrated through advanced liquidity quotations to achieve ultra-low delay, stable quotation and order execution
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International exchange broker liquidity aggregation provider

Provide institutional solutions for foreign exchange brokers, banks, fund institutions, asset managers and international interbank liquidity Rose is designed for foreign exchange brokers, banks, funds and asset managers to provide professional providers of liquidity collection, the use of advanced Fast Match match engine, Equinix (LD4) on the London and New York (NY4) and Tokyo (TY3) and other 3 major financial data fast processing center and Internet exchange points, the use of flow liquidity, stability and bridging technology with real-time collection of advanced high-end tools and professional institutions customized operation plan, provide liquidity settlement services best for broker institutions.
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A powerful collection of Rose
The main currency spreads to the lowest spreads to minus spreads
Providing high quality liquidity pools and sophisticated technical support for foreign exchange financial institutions
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